Saturday, February 9, 2013

Smash into You

Happy New Year, folks!  I hope you have been enjoying what has been an incredible year so far!

I recently heard the song "Smash into You," which is a Beyonce cover of a Jon McLaughlin song.  The lyrics are breathtaking:

"And I'm soaked in your love / And love was right in my path, in my grasp / And me and you belong / Oh, I wanna run, smash into you / I'm willing to run, smash into you."

Talk about a pop song reflecting Christ's love!!!  Jesus's love, poured out for us literally in His Precious Blood, soaks us.  It has been held out to us for the entirety of our lives, from the moment of our formation by God.  He is forever in our paths, and He belongs to us.  His death is ours, and it was made for us, for our salvation.  And our hearts burn with the desire to be united with Him.

Ever feel that pang in your chest, that something feels like it is missing?  Like you are working your hardest, but not getting anything accomplished?  Like you are not enough, no matter what you do?  Like there is some void that work and family and rest and achievement cannot fill?  That is the space made by God, for God - because, simply, nothing else will do.

Our willingness to run into God has to come from us, but it is a product of grace.  If we ask for trust in Him, if we ask for His direction and purpose, He won't hesitate to give it to us.

But He doesn't want a weak press of ourselves against Him.  He doesn't want a simple feel-good hug.  No.  What does any lover desire?  TOTAL, COMPLETE, UTTER UNITY.  We do not satisfy the desire of our hearts to be completely unified with Him, if we do not freely run and SMASH into God, co-mingling our very existence with His own.  If we are at all hesitant, we do ourselves and Our God a disservice.

Today, SMASH into Christ.  Take all that He has to offer - sufferings, realization of our own failings, weakness, vulnerability, grace - and trust that, in being united with Him, His Glory will become your own.  His strength will clothe you in dignity, and your love will be pleasing to Him (Proverbs 31:25).  Only then can we realize the full potential of God's grace in our lives, and fall wholly and entirely in love with Him!